Retro Raqs Belly Dance: Dance for your inner Honey Badger.
"A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having." ~V

Welcome to Retro Raqs Belly Dance


Here you will find information about Belly Dance classes, Specialty Workshops, Yoga and the 2012 Fusion Evolution Belly Dance Festival...will there be one in 2014?  Stay tuned to find out.

What started as something to do around a campfire, quickly became one of the deepest passions of my life.  Belly Dance, in all its forms, is an exquisite thing to behold and it is my goal to bring that beauty to as many as I can.

Though many already have an idea in their head what belly dance is; their experience isn't necessarily universal.  My experience with the dance has been one of constant change and flux in regard to style and attitude.  Not always glittery, belly dance has evolved into multitudes of styles and been adapted to a plethora of interpretations and expressions by many dancers around the globe.
Why Retro Raqs?  Raqs (or Raks) is a term, which loosely translates in 'dance' and is used by many to define belly dance.  Retro? ...Because goin' a bit old school can be just as much fun, as sticking with the new and now.